‘Army Wives’ Season 6 Spoilers: Does Claudia Joy Live?

Army Wives ended their last episode with a shocker, and fans have been left hanging as they wonder the fate of Claudia Joy. Previews for the upcoming episode have also teased that Claudia Joy, played by Kim Delaney, did not survive the transplant surgery. However, a new description for the next episode has been released, and fans can now know what happens to the army wife.

Spoiler TV shared the description for the June 24th episode titled Fatal Reaction:

Claudia Joy recovers from surgery; David communicates with Marcus behind Roland and Joan’s back; Trevor worries that Roxy is taking on too much while pregnant; a beach trip turns into a terrifying ordeal for two wives. Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2012

Fans can now breathe a little easier knowing that Claudia Joy will live. Things look to get intense in the next two episodes though. A description for July 1st episode titled Tough Love shows the wives looking to protect themselves:

Trevor’s buddy Cory arrives at Fort Marshall with his wife to have surgery on his burn injuries; Hector tries to reconcile with Gloria; Jackie gives Claudia Joy lessons at the gun range; Denise attempts to move past the beach-house shooting. Original Air Date: Jul 1, 2012 Guest Cast Anna Chlumsky: Jessica Anderson

It appears in Fatal Reaction that Denise, played by Catherine Bell, and another wife will be involved in a shooting of some sort. This will lead Claudia Joy to learn how to use a gun. One would think being an army wife as long as she has that she would already know how to use a gun, even if it is just for protection purposes.

It is good to see that Claudia Joy survives the surgery. The series would not be the same without her. What do you think? Are you ready to see what will happen next on Army Wives?

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