‘Army Wives’ Spoilers: The Speculation Over The Big Death Continues On

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Fans are still waiting to find out just who died on the last episode of Army Wives. That is all the fans of the series seem to be talking about. With a cliffhanger, fans are just left to wait and speculate, and that speculation is running wild as the week. People want to know which man died. It could be any number of the husbands.

The Babble Blog took things one step further with their speculation since the episode aired. They closely watched the final moments of the last episode, and they think they have a good grasp on which man died.

The blog said the following about the identity of the man who died: “The officer who comes to do the notification is a Major.  According to military protocol, that officer must be of equal or higher rank than the solider who has been killed.  That leaves Trevor, Chase, or Jeremy.”

All three of this would fit with current events. In fact, Jeremy Davidson, the actor behind Chase, had already said something major would happen to his character. Going even further into it –it can’t be Trevor because this would force Roxy off the base. She could still be a part of the series, but her main connection to the others would be severed.

If it were Jeremy, this would put another child dying story line on the series. Early on in the series, Claudia Joy and Michael lost their daughter. The death of Chase makes sense. Pamela is already off base, and she had moved on with her life. It hasn’t diminished her presence in the lives of the others.

Is it Chase then? Is that the news the wives receive on the next episode of Army Wives? Fans will continue to speculate this week until they find out for sure. If you missed this week’s episode, find a full Army Wives recap.

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