Arnold and Maria Attend Church Together

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver attended church together on Sunday. Despite their recent separation announcement, the couple put aside their feelings to pray. While they didn’t show up together, they both kept their Sunday tradition alive.

“Arnold and Schwarzenegger vor Terminator-3-PremiereMaria are known to attend St. Monica’s Catholic Church in Santa Monica, CA every Sunday. They both showed up this afternoon but they arrived separately,” TMZ reported yesterday. Evidently the pair remain committed to God, if nothing else at this point.

It is important to keep your faith, especially when you’re going through a hard time. Sometimes prayer and/or meditation of any sort can help clear your head and give you that good feeling that you’d been missing. People tend to keep their daily routines as close to normal as possible, as to get their mind off whatever is going on in their lives at a given moment. Arnold and Maria did just that, and it’s nice that they both went to church, albeit separately. It must be hard to do something alone that you’re used to doing together, but they did it nonetheless.

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