Arnold Schwarzenegger–10 Percent of Women Polled Say They’d Forgive

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Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on his wife Maria Shriver. Then for more than a decade he hid the fact that he had fathered another woman’s child. Would you forgive him?

According to a report from Forbes, 10 percent of women polled by iVillage say they would.

It seems for the women who might forgive the likes of Schwarzenegger, that money is likely at play. In order to keep peace in the (relatively well off) household, they would let bygones be bygones and get on with their lives. Hmmmm.

It’s also kind of interesting to learn that single women found sexual indiscretions like sexting and fathering a child out of wedlock to be more forgivable than married women did. Well, duh!

Can you for one moment imagine Maria Shriver saying to Arnold Schwarzenegger, “It’s okay, honey. I forgive you for screwing around with the housekeeper and getting her pregnant. Let’s just all be one big happy family together. Now what can I get Mildred Baena and the love child you share for Christmas?”?

Doesn’t seem all too likely, does it?

So Arnold Schwarzenegger had best not get his hopes up. The iVillage poll deemed only 10 percent of women would forgive him for his love child faux pas. He’d best set his sights on being a single man or hooking up with a porn star. That’s usually the only kind of woman who’d take up with a well-known cheat.

What do you think? Is Maria Shriver in that 10 percent of women who forgive? Will she forgive Arnold Schwarzenegger? Doesn’t seem all too likely, now does it?

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