Arnold Schwarzenegger burning all bridges back to Maria Shriver

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Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his 60 Minutes interview that he thought cheating on Maria was the “stupidest thing” he had done in their relationship and that it inflicted tremendous pain on Maria.

What does he think it is doing to Maria for him to now come out with a tell-all book that includes how he cheated on her in the early years of their relationship?

Maria Shriver at Womens Conference book signing October 2010 cropObviously, he doesn’t have total recall of the pain he has already inflicted on his kids either, or he wouldn’t be compounding the family’s issues by blabbing about every sin in his past.

What’s wrong with this former California governor?

Schwarzenegger’s latest confession, that he slept with Brigitte Nielson while filming “Red Sonja” together, and while he and Maria Shriver were dating, was already news out there by the female in question, when she wrote her own tell-all book. But Maria may have doubted it back then and put it down to titillation to sell books.

Now the record is being set straight by the man who made the phrase “I’ll be back” into a household line. But confession is only good for the soul when it is done between the sinner, God and the victims involved. Arnold’s taken that Catholic rite to an unacceptable level. And one has to wonder why?

Maria Shriver has suffered the very public breakup and humiliation of his affair with their housekeeper already. Must she now suffer one indignity after another of Schwarzenegger’s outdated confessions? Apparently so, as it is his right to publish a memoir and attempt to tell his side of the story of his life to any fans he has left.

It’s also Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife’s right to sue him for anything that is slanderous about her in his book. So it’s no wonder he didn’t give Maria an advance copy, as Kimberly Ripley points out.

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