Arnold Schwarzenegger Can’t Wait to Resume Acting Following Divorce

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Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly can’t wait to start acting again once his divorce from Maria Shriver is final. It seems he’s done a pretty good job of acting for more than ten years now, doesn’t it? He should be more than ready to perform a variety of roles.

According to RadarOnline, Schwarzenegger wants to ‘resolve the divorce as quickly as possible so that he can resume his acting career.’ He has been talking with Tom Arnold about doing a sequel to True Lies.

So between Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pretense of being a family man for more than ten years–in light of the fact he had fathered another woman’s child–and the notion that he hopes to make a True Lies sequel (note the oxymoron in the title, please), he should be in perfect form to resume acting. He could star as a sleazy pool boy/man who is dying to seduce all the classy ladies whose pools he services. He could be a route driver who fathers children with housewives to whom he delivers organic (not orgasmic, mind you!) produce. Or he could be a former governor who fathered a love child with his family’s housekeeper–then hide the child for more than a decade. Oh, wait. He did that in real life already. Yet another of those ‘true lies?’

A source close to Arnold Schwarzenegger says Maria Shriver is anxious for him to return to acting, because it makes him so happy. It sounds like Arnold has enjoyed way more than his share of happiness in the past few years, though–doesn’t it? He was happy with his wife, happy with his maid and happy as the governor of California. Now he will get to be happy as an actor again, too.

Lucky Arnold.

Do you think fans will welcome Arnold Schwarzenegger back to acting as much as they might have had he not destroyed his family by fathering a child with Mildred Baena–and keeping it from Maria for all these years?

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