Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates birthday with stripper?

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New pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger have surfaced, showing him partying with a stripper on his birthday. Most guys find having a stripper around at a bachelor party or another milestone event and Arnold evidently isn’t any different. Okay, so maybe it’s kind of gross… but for his 50th birthday? You guessed it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger 2003
“Arnold seemed to love the stripper. She was his present. She gave him a lap dance and he looked like he really enjoyed it, he couldn’t keep his hands off her the whole time,” said a source.
Total pig, right? Now, if you didn’t know about all of the other stuff that the former California governor got himself in to, would you still think this stripper story was that bad? Of course.

There comes a point in your life, when you have a family, when you know right from wrong, that you just don’t do things like this. It’s another reason for people to spit on Arnold, and they definitely aren’t holding back.

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