Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses He Wants Maria Shriver Back; Why?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has confessed he wants Maria Shriver back. In a celebrity interview promoting his tell-all book he sang her praises. But what is his real motivation behind a desire for a reconciliation?

“For [Schwarzenegger’s] memoir, ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story,’ the actor and former politician has put his heart on the line…” claims the Washington Post.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 2003Glossing over the very real fact that the Hollywood movie icon has totally embarrassed his wife and family by writing and releasing his memoir now in an effort to kick-start his movie career, the media outlet elected to speak about his desire to reunite with his estranged wife in almost glowing terms.

“Even though his wife, Maria Shriver, filed for divorce from him last year after he admitted to an affair with his housekeeper, he’s written and spoken extensively about how he wants to win her back…” says the source. They then went on to share anecdotes about how much the movie star once seemed to rely on his bride for simple lifestyle support.

“She always has been an extraordinary woman and a great partner,” said the actor during an interview promoting his book. One might think he was using the free publicity opportunity to win back her affections, but Hollywood insiders think he’s only play-acting to up-sell his prolific prose.

Word on the streets is that Arnold Schwarzenegger has retained exclusive rights to all the money he earns from sales. While he’s not exactly hurting for cash, having a flush bank account that is not Kennedy family backed is his little way of ensuring that even though he might have fell into marital quicksand that he’s able to pull himself (at least financially) out of the muck and mire.

To that end, before you get all teary-eyed feeling sorry for a repentant Terminator, realize that for every book copy he sells, his wife Maria and their children are not likely to see a dime of the earnings.

Shame on the Washington Post for not sharing Maria Shriver’s side of the story in a more balanced way. On a plus note, at least Hollywood Life criticized the actor for being selfish and humiliating his family in an attempt to capture more fame and fortune.

It’s too bad someone can’t put a muzzle on this man. Everyone’s heard enough about his action-adventure bedroom antics and his broken heart already.

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