Arnold Schwarzenegger–Could John Edwards’ Indictment Spell Trouble for Former Governator?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t catch a break, it seems–not that he in any way deserves one. Now people are speculating that the indictment of John Edwards could potentially create yet another downfall for the former Governator.

According to a report from the Green Celebrity Network, there is some question as to whether John Edwards and his misappropriation of campaign funds to hide an affair may cause the state of California to conduct a similar investigation into the goings-on of their former governor.

And why shouldn’t it? Arnold did pretty much what John Edwards did. He fathered a love child while married. That takes big bucks to cover up. Do you think Arnold may have done what legal eagles say Edwards did? Did he dip into the state’s money or campaign funds to support Mildred Baena and the child he fathered?

Green Celebrity points out some concise similarities between Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards. They are both self-proclaimed family men, yet both deceived the women they were married to–committing the ultimate betrayal. Both claimed during their campaigns for political office that their families came first above all else–except in the case of these two men it wasn’t necessarily their legitimate families they were referring to.

It will certainly be interesting to learn if the state of California opts to look into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s finances during the point in time that he fathered a child with Mildred Baena. After all, the state is desperately hurting for funds–so why not hit Arnold in one of the two places where it would hurt him the most?

It could, after all, turn out to be one of those proverbial win-win situations. The state of California could pad its coffers a wee bit, and Maria Shriver could get a modicum of joy out of the mountain of harm that has already been done.

What do you think? Will the state of California look into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s financial affairs in the same way John Edwards’ campaign funds were investigated following his affair and fathering of a love child?

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