Arnold Schwarzenegger Determined Marriage to Maria Shriver Isn’t Over

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Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t too good at fooling others, but it seems he can fool himself pretty well. He is determined that his marriage to Maria Shriver isn’t over. Well, Arnold, this may be one time when the old adage, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over” bites you in the butt.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Arnold is still wearing his wedding ring. He was reportedly wearing it in the days following the media frenzy about his affair with Mildred “Patti” Baena–the one that resulted in a love child who is now 13 years old. One would certainly have expected that by now the ring would be relegated to a jewelry box or at least the top of the dresser. Does he think Maria is stupid?

Sources say Arnold Schwarzenegger was hell-bent on getting Maria Shriver back just days after their separation was made public–before the whole love child scandal hit the news. Okay, maybe he can get points for that one. After all, it really did appear like a mutual thing–reading that after 25 years things had simply worn out. But now that the world–including Maria, of course, knows about Arnold’s philandering ways, why on earth would she take him back?

Sources say that even today, Arnold hasn’t “fully abandoned hope” for a reconciliation between him and Maria Shriver. Someone clearly needs to remove this man out from under the hot California sun, and prescribe him a very healthy dose of reality.

What do you think? Would Maria Shriver consider reconciling with Arnold Schwarzenegger after all the dirty water that’s swept under his bridge?

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