Arnold Schwarzenegger goes from denial to ‘Total Recall’ in ’60 Minutes’—sort of

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Arnold Schwarzenegger now has Total Recall of the details about his affair with his housekeeper according to his Friday 60 Minutes interview. And boy is he sorry. Sort of.

The public confession and tell-all session isn’t being motivated by a love for a woman he wants to woo back into his arms; it’s being motivated by a desire to sell his biography “Total Recall,” which goes on sale next week the AP reports.

Will anyone bother to read it?

Condoleeza Rice might, since he talks about her and his competition with her for the California Governor’s job—or at least the Republican support of such.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 2004-01-30Rice’s Standford University Chief of Staff, Georgia Godfrey assured the media after the actor’s statement Friday that her boss has made it clear all along she had no desire to run for public office. And taking a page from the body builder’s own memoir she added: “Rice cannot recall any conversation on this topic.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t recall something correctly—or reported it verbatim. Right?

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