Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Tom Arnold Looking Out for Him

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Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have many people in his corner right now, in light of the recent disclosure about the love child he fathered with Mildred Baena. He does, however, have one friend who is looking out for him, and that is actor Tom Arnold.

Tom Arnold shared the screen and star credits with Schwarzenegger back in 1994 in the film True Lies. And according to, the two became fast friends; Tom Arnold even became friends with Maria Shriver and the Schwarzenegger children.

“I’m his friend and I’m here for him,” Tom Arnold said. “Same goes for Maria and the kids. They know it and that’s all that matters. They have been there for me in my worst times and that’s the kind of people they are.”

Arnold SchwarzeneggerSchwarzenegger has avoided the media spotlight since word broke about the fact that he fathered a love child. Tom Arnold, however, says all that will change in the very near future.

“He’s going to go on TV at some time and deal with this.”

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger will really appear on television and divulge his transgressions? Not that everyone doesn’t already know what he’s done. He will certainly need the backing of friend Tom Arnold then, because it’s likely even fewer people will want to be associated with him once he goes public.

It’s probably a good thing that Schwarzenegger has Tom Arnold to lean on. It’s quite clear he doesn’t have the immense support network that wife Maria Shriver has–but then again Maria didn’t cheat, bear a love child, and destroy her entire family.

It will be interesting to see if Arnold Schwarzenegger does in fact attempt to explain himself on TV. Do you think he’ll do it in an attempt to get Maria back? Rumor has it he still thinks he has a chance of doing just that.

Tom Arnold should maybe lay it out straight for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and tell him he’s blown it big time. His wife isn’t coming back and his kids aren’t particularly impressed with his actions. His friends don’t want to associate with him, and he’s likely made a permanent name for himself in the wake of this scandal–that of cheater. About the only person besides Tom Arnold who wants him around is perhaps Mildred Baena.

Maybe Tom Arnold should be careful about the company he’s keeping. People may not think too kindly of him if he continues his blatant support of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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