Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child Misses Graduation

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child did not attend his middle school graduation. Evidently the media maelström has been too much for mistress Mildred Baena, and she wanted to keep her son safe, and away from any type of ridicule or Arnold Schwarzeneggernegativity.

“[Baena] pulled her 14-year-old son out of school last month — soon after the story broke that Arnold was his real father,” reports TMZ. While he was slated to graduate the eighth grade and make his journey on to high school, the public has learned that he actually hasn’t been to school in months.

In a way you can’t blame Baena from taking her son out of school. Kids aren’t stupid (well most of them anyway), and her son would have been made fun of for sure. Aside from the ever-present paparazzi, you can only imagine how many of his classmates would have developed “accents” and ridiculed the poor kid. Removing him from the situation was probably a smart idea, but integrating him back in may prove difficult. Hopefully by the fall, all of the hoopla will die down.

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