Arnold Schwarzenegger Mistress Had Money Problems

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress had some money problems, despite the financial help she was receiving from the politician/actor. While Mildred Baena was getting a good amount of cash – and even the down payment on her home – from her baby daddy, she still failed to pay her car loan. Oops.

“According to Arnold Schwarzenegger 2003documents filed back in 2005, Baena had her car repo’d in April 2004 after she failed to make payments on a 2001 Nissan Frontier. A collection agency still has an active case on Baena for $17,193.82 in back payments,” TMZ reports.

It seems a little fishy that Arnold’s mistress wasn’t able to make her car payments, given that she was working full-time as his housekeeper (take that however way you want), and was receiving extra money from him to support their child. Now that their affair is out in the open, it wouldn’t be surprising if that loan magically disappeared. Surely Arnold is going to be giving her more money, right?

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