Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Former Foe Arianna Huffington

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Arnold Schwarzenegger did his best Arianna Huffington impression Tuesday, while discussing the wild recall election which launched him into the California governor’s office.

Arianna runs the Huffington Post now, but in 2003, she challenged Arnold, as well as former child stars, porn actresses and other assorted wingnuts in the California recall. The hilarious video of Arnold’s impression can be viewed here.

It’s still difficult to believe this man was the governor of California for eight years. He never fails to make a complete jackass out of himself. However, he was fairly humorous Tuesday while promoting his book with journalist Ned Martel.

His impression of Huffington was uncanny, and it got the entire crowd laughing. Do you think it was in bad taste or just harmless fun? What reaction do you think Arianna will have? Honestly, Arianna has a great sense of humor, so she likely won’t be offended. Why would she care what Arnold Schwarzenegger says?

“Here was this whiny woman sitting there. And I said, I’m gonna get her and bang, and I say, ‘You know something, I just got an idea: when I do Terminator 4, you’re going to play the female Terminator, next movie!'” Schwarzenegger said of the moment when he zinged her in a debate. “And she was outraged because she just saw Terminator 3 and I took the female Terminator and stuck her head in the toilet.”


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