Arnold Schwarzenegger Pays–Child Support At Least

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is starting to pay the piper–well, probably not the way he should be paying. However he is starting to make child support payments to Maria Shriver. Before this whole love child-Mildred Baena scandal is over, though, he’ll undoubtedly be paying in a variety of more appropriate ways.

According to OK Magazine, in the state of California, spouses are due child support even before a divorce is final. In fact, payments start once the divorce papers have been filed. So Arnold has started dishing out the rather hefty payments to Maria Shriver.

It seems that two of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sons–Patrick and Christopher–attend private schools, and Arnold has been footing those bills as well. The funny thing is–he probably ‘ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’

Even though Maria Shriver is part of the wealthy Kennedy clan, and has in fact inherited a tiny sum of the Kennedy fortune, she is accepting the checks that Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing. Good for you, Maria! If you can’t jab him where it counts most, then definitely go for the next best place–his wallet!

Do you agree that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hefty child support payments are just a portion of the price he’ll come to pay? It will be interesting to learn numbers once details leak about exactly how much child support he’s paying.

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