Arnold Schwarzenegger: “The Governator” Cartoon

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A collective groan could be heard throughout the world when people learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting back into the entertainment industry in the form of a cartoon.

The clapping sound you hear could very well be thousands of face-palms happening simultaneously after reading about plans the “Governator” has for the cartoon. The plans call for a franchise that might very well include comics and–you guessed it–movies.

Arnold. Baby. You’ve proved your mettle in the movies already. “Twins” was awesome. You and Danny De Vito were comedy gold. We loved your cryptic one-liners in “Terminator.” We weren’t so crazy about you in “Kindergarten Cop,” however. The jury is still out on “Junior,” though.

You see, your plans to voice the title character in “The Governator” cartoon just doesn’t set well. After all, it’s about a superhero living a double life as an ordinary family man. Hasn’t that theme been done to death already?

What about making a movie about some dude who was cloned? Oh, wait. You already did that. Hmm, what about a movie where you discover your wife is cheating and you use your government connections to…oh, never mind.

Dear Arnold. You’ve done just about everything there is that you could do. Please stop and enjoy your retirement.

The end.

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