Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress and Child Hiding out in Texas

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress, Mildred Baena, and the child they share together have been hiding out in a small Texas town since a few days before the news of Arnold fathering a love child surfaced publicly.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Baena and her son, who was fathered by Schwarzenegger, have been holed up in a small town outside of Dallas since around the 18th of May.

It seems that Baena and her son have been staying with a family friend since just before word of her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the news, and that probably was a wise decision—at least for the well-being of the child. He is unfortunately a very innocent victim in this scandal, and he stands to be the person who could lose the most. He may long be the victim of finger-pointing and rumors—all due to his parents and their poor decision-making.

Mildred Baena is deliberately staying away with her son for a while longer. She even felt it best for the boy to miss his middle school graduation. That is sad, too. Graduating from middle school—while not as major as a high school or college graduation, is a milestone, and he may one day regret missing it. If that happens, he will likely blame his mother and biological father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mess is growing deeper by the day. An affair—no, wait—multiple affairs, a very public split with wife Maria Shriver, and at least one love child round out Arnold’s current list of foibles. And now, word has leaked as to where his former mistress and love child are hiding. Oh, what a tangled web he has woven! Can you imagine being him right now?

Hopefully, the media will keep their barbs and speculations centered on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena and leave the child involved out of the spotlight. His life has been disrupted—or pretty much torn apart—at the hands of these two adults, and he needn’t suffer any further for their actions. And then, of course, there’s Maria Shriver and the children she had with Arnold—none of them deserve this either.

Mildred Baena should consider leaving her son in the small Texas town where the two have been hiding out—at least until Arnold Schwarzenegger fizzles from the limelight. How long do you suppose it may be before that happens?

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