Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Last Stand’ Weekend Box Office Bomb

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new film The Last Stand will likely wind up a box office bomb, at least according to weekend numbers thus far. Trumped by a horror flick, Mama, and Zero Dark Thirty, it’s hasta la vista, Arnold—at least for now.

According to a report from Yahoo, The Last Stand only ranked tenth for the weekend—earning just $6.3 million for three days in theaters.

Schwarzenegger planned for The Last Stand to be his big Hollywood reinvention. And following his affair with his housekeeper that resulted in fathering her child, and his split from wife Maria Shriver, he desperately needed reinventing. It seems the former California ‘governator’ is significantly lacking something—and some of what he’s missing is moviegoers in the under-25 category. Almost 80 percent of theArnold Schwarzenegger audience catching the new Schwarzenegger flick were over 25.

Does any of this surprise you? Don’t you think that most people lost their taste for Arnold Schwarzenegger when he destroyed his family because he couldn’t keep his pants on? This guy came to the U.S. and not just pursued, he achieved the proverbial American dream. And then he waved his middle finger—or whatever else happened to be in his hand at the time—at everything he supposedly held sacred.

Do you think The Last Stand will rise to the occasion and help Schwarzenegger achieve his reinvention? Or has he ridden the laurels of his wife’s family to the point that no one wants to pay a few bucks to hear his tough guy act any more? Johnny Knoxville stars in the flick along with Arnold, so box office patrons get a twofer. They’re treated to a Jackass and a jackass at the very same time.

Did you check out The Last Stand this weekend? Is it on your list of must-see films in the next week or two? Or will you stick to reruns on TNT instead?

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