Arrested: 16 year old Boy in Wal-mart Racial Incident

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Police in Atlantic County, New Jersey announced today that  they have found the culprit who made the announcement in a Washington Township, New Jersey Wal-mart that frightened and angered many people and especially black patrons of Wal-Mart.

A voice came over the intercom on Friday and said “Attention Wal-mart customers, All black people leave the store.”

Confusion and anger lingered in the community of Township, New Jersey.  The Wal-mart manager immediately got on the intercom and apologized for the remark.  Police were called to investigate and a 16 year old boy has been arrested.

The boy was arrested and charged with “bias and intimidation.”

The Atlantic county juvenile courts will hear the case, and neither the boys name of race are available due to his age, but I’m sure Wal-mart will keep better control of their microphone systems, and this young man will get some sensitivity training.

Case solved.

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