Arsenio Hall Talks ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2012, Clay Aiken and Aubrey O’Day on ‘The View’

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Arsenio Hall is about to find out if he wins Celebrity Apprentice 2012 against Clay Aiken, a guy his calls “nice. ” In fact, Hall had a lot of nice things to say about Aiken but not so much about Aubrey O’Day.

He told the women of The View, “The thing about Aubrey, I called her a horrible word but I apologized to her for the word I used…not for being angry at her.”

Arsenio said he was disturbed when, while shooting Celebrity Apprentice, O’Day reportedly behaved in mysterious ways while the camera wasn’t rolling. This really upset Arsenio.

For instance, at one point, he said that Aubrey was sitting in the show’s van and talking up her conquests–with illustrations.

He said, “She showed Teresa Giudice [intimate] pictures [on her phone] of all the black men she had dated.”

Hall continued, saying that he didn’t look but instead stared out the window. And still, this distasteful show within a show on her Blackberry continued when O’Day was allegedly “asked if she only dated black men” whereupon she showed the others she dated.

Then the former talk show host said that if the ladies of The View didn’t believe him, they should ask Clay Aiken. He said everybody believes Clay because he is like Sara Lee and “nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.”

When Whoopi asked about all the crying Arsenio Hall has been doing on Celebrity Apprentice, he said he cries all the time. He said, “I cried at the premiere of Car Wash, the movie.”

But, at the end of the day, the reason why Arsenio decided to appear on The Apprentice was to earn money for the Magic Johnson Foundation and to bring awareness to the HIV positive situation that still exists. He had lost a cousin to the disease around the time he was approached by NBC to appear on the show, and so he wanted to do something.

As Arsenio Hall said on The View, “We still have a job to do with our personal lives.”

And then he cried again, this time in front of a quartet of women who were extremely compassionate.

So, with that said, will Arsenio Hall win Celebrity Apprentice? Will he beat Clay Aiken like he did Aubrey O’Day and win on Donald Trump’s primetime show? Thoughts? Thanks.

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