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My circle of life is closing

The ends will be meeting soon

I’ve had joys overwhelming

And my share of doom


As I look back its with smiles I remember

My childhood and youthful ways

My rearing children, working a job

Those things filled my days


I had a love, a remarkable one

So strong it carried me through

Some of the storms of life so raging

I can’t tell them all to you


I may have many more years to go

That is not in my control

Some one high in the Universe

Will know when I’ve reached my goal


As I advance in this life, this circle

I look back and have no regrets

I think if I can still say that

I’ve had a life as good as it gets









In between birth and death we all have moments of deep joy, grief, satisfaction, disappointment and wonder but it is all part of the Circle of life.

The challenge for ThursdayJanuary 2,2014 is to create a post about the Circle of life.

All genres including words to a song are encouraged including but not limited to poetry and verse.

The first rule to remember is to include the words “Circle of life”1/2/2014″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 1/2/14, Circle of life. I forget the other rules.





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