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As woolen clouds touched earth and grew to fog, the sheared sheep shying, as sunlight dropped and puppy-dog wrapped its naked fur in dark, they started out. Stark shepherds crossed the wool-clad field, wool-capped and gowned, where downy grass-heads dripped their milk-white strands, slipped down the hill. Soft lambskin covered the small boy’s hands, bleating; he carried his task. The town lay sleeping.


Lights danced and sang in candy clouds above, star speckles glinting in fleece. And the baby boy? The shepherds gave him a lamb.


Child’s hands grow cold. It really doesn’t matter anymore. He waits for the son.


For Wednesday Writing Essentials, December 9th:

  • The story/poem/essay must occur at night
  • All characters must be male–no females allowed this time, except for the author
  • Use Petrarchan Conceit or simply Conceit as a Literary Device as many times as you wish, but at least once.
  • Use the phrase:  It doesn’t matter anymore.
  • tag with wwe

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