As Time Flies

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As Time Flies

She sits at the window

   waiting for time to stop

but it never does

She simply carries on

  and on an on

She has outlived all those

  she loved

and time no longer heals

Her life has all but gone

   it's gone, all gone

She glances at the clock

   as it ticks upon the wall

counting off the seconds of her life

She wants to lift the window

 and jump, just jump

Her muscles ache

  as she pushes up

the panes causing pain of their own

She falls unto the ground,

  a lump, a lump, a lump 

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Optimistic to a fault, strong willed and independent, survived cancer 5x, usually happy and go lucky, love life and love to enjoy it. My kids are pretty much grown now, 18, 18 & 21 and I'm so very happily engaged to the most wonderful man in the worl

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