Ashley and JP: Words With Friends Fun

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Ashley and JP from The Bachelorette have shown their fans that they love their downtime together just as much as they love being out on the town in NYC. While the two loved their evening out this past week at the Us Weekly gala, this weekend it appears they are tackling another project together: getting JP and running with Words With Friends.

A while back Ashley Hebert joked on Twitter that she had schooled fiancée JP Rosenbaum in Scrabble. Many followers thought that Ashley and JP should try out Words With Friends, an online Scrabble-like game that is becoming an addiction for many. Within a couple of days Ashley was addicted as well, and on Saturday it looked like she was trying to get JP up to speed.

Ashley tweeted, “Giving @ a vocab lession on WWF. Come on J. ;p.” To the uninitiated “WWF” would seem to be wrestling, but fans and fellow addicts know that’s not the case. Can Ashley get JP up to speed and will they share their win and loss scorecard with their friends? While fans know that Ashley is a smartie, having attended dental school, they also know that JP is no slouch, seeing as he has a master’s from NYU.

Fans would love the opportunity to play Words With Friends with Ashley and JP, but for now they’ll just have to stay tuned and see how JP and Ashley do against one another. Once one starts playing WWF, it’s pretty tough to stop! Fans also know it’s a great way to utilize the downtime during all of the traveling they’ve been doing together! Can JP learn some of the great Words With Friends that will score big points and turn the tables on Ashley?

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