Ashley Biggs Was Strangled to Death by Former Boyfriend

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Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Biggs was only missing for a few hours before her body was found in Wayne County, Ohio. The young woman was strangled to death and a man is already in custody for the crime committed. This tragic story serves as a reminder for young women everywhere to be careful who you date, who you sleep with and who you anger in the process of ending a relationship. People are unpredictable and some people have complete and total disregard for human life.

Chad Cobb appears to be one of the aforementioned people. He’s been arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated murder in the death of the missing woman. The public Facebook page belonging to Ashley Biggs doesn’t show much about the woman. She used a stock photo of a green Ninja bike as her profile photo and had very little information about herself filled out on the social networking site. Could this be for a reason? Her page is currently flooded with messages of “R.I.P.” and other heart wrenching sentiments made by those who love and miss her.

There is also a Myspace page full of photos of a young woman who shares the same information as the photoless Facebook page mentioned above, but since it’s not a 100% certainty that it’s the same young woman, the link won’t be shared. As of right now there are no known images of Ashley, but the photo you see above is of the man charged with her death. He looks like a goon.

Hopefully the family and other loved ones of this woman can find a little closure in knowing that this man is charged and will be facing justice for his actions.

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