Ashley Calls Off Reunion With Cheryl Cole

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Premier League footballer Ashley has reportedly called off his reunion with ex-wife Cheryl Cole–after admitting he can’t be trusted.

The pair have had an on-off relationship for the past few weeks, since Ashley completed a glamorous attempt to woo back his ex-wife and ending shortly before her 28th birthday. Cheryl seemed to be keen to get back with the man she has described as her soul-mate, forgiving affairs with women such as Kayla Collins, and buying him a thick chain to remind him of her while he was overseas.

Simon Cowell seemed to be a big problem in their new relationship, with Ashley allegedly asking Cheryl to choose between him and her mentor, and becoming angry at her closeness to Black Eyed Peas star

And now it appears that Ashley may have ended the relationship himself after admitting that he can’t be trusted. Friends are reporting that he shocked the Girls Aloud singer last week by telling her that he is doubting his ability to stay faithful, but doesn’t want to hurt her again.

“Ashley and Cheryl’s relationship has never been fully back on. While she vowed to give him another chance, he had six months to prove how much he wanted her back. She promised not to make it official until she could see how serious he was. But in a shock phone call last weekend, Ashley told Cheryl he couldn’t risk hurting her again and didn’t trust himself to commit to her 100 per cent.”

The source did not reveal how Cheryl has responded to the news, but it is unlikely to be well. She has put a lot on the line to get back with her ex-husband, against the advice of her family and friends, spoke out about how she sees him as a soul-mate, and couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else. She has also spoken about her desire to have children with him, and turned down the advances of dancer Derek Hough to make a go of things with Ashley.

So what next for the star if her reunion doesn’t work? Cheryl has shown a desire to break America, although her confidence is likely to be wounded after being dropped as an X Factor judge just days after starting the role, and replaced by ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Her solo career has hit huge heights, and rumours of a Girls Aloud reunion have been circulated, so Cheryl could easily go back to her music career. She has expressed a desire to move away from the limelight, though, and enjoy more time with her family and friends.

Whatever she decides to do, it’s clear that Cheryl believes she needs Ashley in her future to feel happy and fulfilled, so let’s hope they can sort it out in a way which suits them both.

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