Ashley Cole to Propose to Cheryl Cole?

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Ashley Cole might be planning to propose to Cheryl Cole. So is he taking advantage of her mental and emotional state right now?

After all, Cheryl was recently “dumped” from the U.S. version of The X-Factor, an event that surely left her feeling dejected and unwanted. Such a devastating occurrence would surely have a negative effect on the brunette beauty’s self-esteem, and she might be looking for a way to soothe her bruised spirit.

Girls Aloud - Cheryl ColeCheryl dumped soccer star Ashley because he was reportedly cheating on her with five different women, so it’s hard to see how she could ever forgive him (to put it in a more American perspective, it would be like Sandra Bullock taking Jesse James back, or Elin Nordegren forgiving Tiger Woods for his many mistresses and getting back together with him). However, Cheryl Cole seems to be very close to doing just that — she recently celebrated her 28th birthday with Ashley Cole, after all.

And now Ashley is reportedly looking for the biggest diamond he can find in order to propose to Cheryl again. In addition to being vulnerable after being dumped by The X Factor, the pop princess might also be letting her biological clock mess with her better judgment — Ashley Cole believes that she desperately wants kids, and he thinks she won’t want to have them unless she’s married.

Cheryl’s new blonde hairstyle could also be an indication that she’s really trying to change her life, and one way to do that would be by becoming Ashley Cole’s wife. But if he does propose, would saying “Yes” be a big mistake?

Ashley’s mother and Cheryl spent some time together just yesterday, so at least she really gets along with her former (and possibly future) mother-in-law, and perhaps Ashley and his family could become the support structure she needs right now. After all, it’s not impossible for people to grow up and change their ways. On the other hand, Cheryl Cole’s mother is not happy about her daughter reconnecting with the man who broke her heart, so getting back together with Ashley could also create a rift there.

In short, Cheryl really needs to think this through — Ashley may have changed, but can she ever be secure with a guy that cheated on her so many times, or will remarrying him cause her to experience even more of the insecurities she’s seemingly trying to avoid? It will definitely be interesting to see what happens if and when Ashley buys a rock and pops the question (and if she does say yes, perhaps the couple could always find a job here in the U.S. in the form of a reality show about their relationship on E!).

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