Ashley Dupre Playboy Pictures and Alexa Ray Joel Prell Commercial (Videos)

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Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures and Alexa Ray Joel Prell commercial headlines mean two New York women hit the news today. Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures were much-awaited after this former call girl was the demise of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of model Christie Brinkley and famous Long Island musician Billy Joel, mentions her mom in the commercial!

Everyone on the New York streets was talking about the possibility of Ashey Dupre Playboy pictures as soon as the news hit the press about her liaison with Spitzer. The Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures will officially be released in the May, 2010 edition. Whether New Yorkers like her or not, many will wind up sneaking a peek at Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures. 

Meanwhile, famous Long Island singer Alexa Ray Joel says in the commercial, “Wanna hear a great tip I learned from my mom?” Alexa Ray Joel then gestures to a photo of mother Christie Brinkely on a piano and indicates Prell has been a favorite for a long time. Alexa Ray Joel clearly has her mom’s beauty and her dad’s musical talent!

Check out YouTube videos of the Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures and the Alexa Ray Joel Prell commercial:


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