Ashley Furious Over Raunchy Cheryl Cole Photos

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They seem to be on and off so much that our heads are spinning, but it seems there may still be something going on between Ashley and Cheryl Cole.

Last we heard, Ashley ended his campaign to win back his 28-year-old ex-wife after admitting that he didn’t believe he could stay faithful to her. Cheryl moved her stuff back out of their marital home, and was being set up with an eligible bachelor – who is also apparently an unknown millionaire.

Now it seems Ashley and Cheryl could still be in contact, after he exploded with fury after seeing raunchy photographs of Ms. Cole.

The photographs, which were shot for Cheryl Cole’s 2012 calendar, were all quite sexual, which Cheryl seeming eager to show off her enviable figure. When they were leaked online, it seems some of Ashley’s Chelsea teammates saw, and began to wind him up.

A source revealed; “His mates were taking the mick out of him when they saw her pictures online. At first he ignored the comments, but then they starting making jibes about how fit she is and how they’d never let their wives do some of those shots.”

It’s reported that it was at this point that Ashley got angry, and branded the photographs ‘trashy’, and the calendar ‘too raunchy’.

Cheryl is unlikely to hear about her ex-husbands displeasure anytime soon – she’s currently visiting British and American troops in Afghanistan, and is said to be reflecting on her feelings.

She’s had one hell of a year so far, with her career seeming to hit new heights when close friend and mentor Simon Cowell invited her onto the US X-Factor, before being dropped, and going into hiding. It was said that Cheryl Cole was considering her life, and believed that Lily Allen’s new lifestyle out of the limelight was what she wanted, too.

After publicly revealing that she didn’t see herself marrying anyone else, and wanting Ash’s kids, she then seemed to be talked around by friends and family, and moved out of the marital home again. While she seems to be doing the right thing by walking away, it is raising questions about whether her heart is still telling her to stay – Cheryl seems to be listening to her head at the moment, but really struggling to control her feelings for the husband she divorced after several infidelities.

Her 2012 calendar is set to be the raunchiest the pop star has ever released, and hopefully will show Cheryl just how gorgeous she is – here’s hoping she finds Mr Right soon, and is much more at peace with herself.

As for Ashley – well, he might be a respected footballer for both Chelsea and England, but he doesn’t seem to be running his love life well. He seemed to expect praise for admitting he couldn’t stay faithful, and is now behaving like Cheryl is his property – perhaps he’s finally realizing what he’s missing?

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