Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas – A Cameo in her Fashion Show? (Video)

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Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are inseparable it seems. A video has surfaced with a behind-the-scenes look at Greene’s fashion show and guess who was hanging out in the back ground, Joe Jonas of course!


File:Ashley Greene 2009.jpgAs Ashley Greene was talking to the camera, Joe Jonas can be seen in the background messing around with a laptop. Was he there to support her or was he there because he will be in the show? It’s a given that he’s one of the more stylish Jonas Brothers. So, will he lend Greene a hand in her fashion show?

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas seem to be joined by the hips! That’s all cute and sweet in the beginning, but it’s a certainty, that much time spent with each other will surely bring out the ugly in anyone, sooner or later!

Readers, what do you think? Will Joe Jonas make an appearance on her fashion show or not? Share your thoughts! They make a cute couple, but should they also be co-workers?

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