Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas – Plenty of PDA Before Walt Disney World Vacation Trip

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It’s clear, Ashely Greene and Joe Jonas can’t keep their hands off each other! Greene and Jonas don’t seem to care about the amount of PDA they show these days. The couple was caught cozying up during dinner just before their vacation trip to Walt Disney World.

File:AshleyGreene.jpgThe two were seen snuggling and being super affectionate over dinner at Cleo in Los Angeles. Witnesses say Jonas was extremely attentive to Ashley Greene. Here’s what an onlooker said, “He was very affectionate and sweet with Ashley.”

Ah, when young love spurns forth the first stages of romance! We can only wonder what Disney has to say about these two. One moment, it’s all about the purity ring and the next, it’s all about the flesh. Joe Jonas may be old enough to partake in such activities but why did he ever wear the purity ring in the first place?

It’s no surprise, Ashley Greene is as hot as the sun. It was probably not a battle for Jonas when he faced with the decision on his purity ring. Who in their right mind wouldn’t chuck that ring for a bit of Greene?

Let’s hope they keep their PDA to a minimum at Walt Disney World since it’s a kid friendly place. Readers, share your thoughts. Do you think this love between Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas will last. Or, will the loving stop once the flesh is tired out?

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