Ashley Greene Called Worst Dressed – Robert Pattinson Not Rated

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Ashley Greene was deemed a sartorial flop by at least one source who called her worst dressed for this past week. And that’s something nobody who is in the public eye wants to be called.

Still, it seems the fashion-crazed Alice from the Twilight Saga series, who showed up in a European city to push Breaking Dawn with Robert Pattinson, is not anything like her character—or at least she was not when she wore a frock that drew groans from those in the style know while on the red carpet with RPattz.

And so who made the official offensive garment worn by Ashley Greene?

This was a designer dress by Givenchy that not only boasted a peplum but that also boasted a tight fit. In fact, it was too tight of a fit, making the term figure-hugging apply here in spades.

In addition, the frock in question hit just at the knees which made this fashion statement by Ashley Green fall even flatter, especially given she put on shoes with ankle straps. Yes, the whole look was a fail.

In addition, the ensemble made the long and lean Greene look short. And sloppy. No self-respecting vampire would ever go out in this, let alone go out in this in the company of one hunky Robert Pattinson. Now there’s a sartorial fang-buster who knows how to look his best even when he looks his worst, if you know what that means. Double standards, anyone?

And with that noted, do you think Ashley Greene looked the worst dressed of anyone out in public this past week? Do you think Robert Pattinson noticed? Thoughts?

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