Ashley Greene Snags Keepsakes from ‘Breaking Dawn’ Set

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Breaking Dawn‘s Ashley Greene admits she stole a few “Alice” keepsake items after filming the final Twilight movie. Stole? Well, pilfered, borrowed, took. Whatever you call it, the actress, 24, appropriated a couple of special things that seemed as if they ought to be hers, after more than four years of playing Alice Cullen, vampire extraordinaire and sister to Edward.

File:Ashley Greene 2009.jpg“Or steal? I have a couple of things,” Ashley Greene says, and Hollywood Life reports. “They’ve been part of our lives for so long that I felt we had a right to take something. I took Alice’s necklace and a pair of American Apparel pants — which is ridiculous, but they were so comfortable — and big Jackie-O sunglasses that were iconic for Alice in one of the installments. I took things that I know I will treasure 20 years from now.” As if she will never have a role quite like this again. That, in itself, requires a souvenir or two.

This sort of petty theft is probably pretty normal—if anything is normal about the Twilight string of films. After all, did anyone plan to wear those Ashley Greene-worn slacks again? Probably not. And a necklace special to Alice, herself? Would producers want viewers of future movies to say, “Look! That’s Alice’s jewelry.” Not likely.

Alice, after all, was the fashion icon of the vampire crowd, and she was known for seldom wearing a garment a second time. She sent Bella off elk-hunting in a cocktail dress and high heels. In fact, she crowded Bella’s huge closet with so many garments, Edward had to help her find the denim by smell. So cut Ashley Greene a little slack. She’s earned it.

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