Ashley Greene Split with Joe Jonas Over Will Smith?

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Did Ashley Greene dump former boyfriend Joe Jonas over a weird obsession he has for actor Will Smith? This hot rumor is just crazy enough that it might be true. Apparently a British tabloid put out a story this week, that the Twilight actress broke off her five-month relationship with the pop singer because “Joe spends up (sic) six nights a week studying Will’s old movies, along with old episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It gets too much for everyone in his life, certainly his girlfriends.”

How long has this been happening? For months, Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas were seen all over LA, exhibiting PDA’s at restaurants and on the street. And this was going on in the background? “Weird” isn’t weird enough to describe it. If true.File:Ashley Greene 2009.jpg

There were all sorts of circulating stories, when the two split. Let’s start at the top. Ashley Greene’s rep announced that the couple was never dating “that seriously” anyway—a dead give-away that something is going on. “They were apart a lot working… It was a fun, five-month relationship.” Sure. Other rumors said she was cheating on him. Or him on her. But none of the gossip suggested he had a thing for a movie star who is happily married and busy promoting his own kids into show business.

If Joe Jonas had called Smith, odds are the Pursuit of Happyness star would have thought he wanted a duet with Jaden. Or Willow. Or maybe buddy Justin Bieber. But not that he wanted to discuss old sit-com re-runs. How often does he re-watch the Men in Black flicks, anyway? Those things could drive anyone crazy.

Anyway, Ashley Greene is moving on. Hope Joe Jonas is able to do that, too. Stay tuned.

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