Ashley Greene Used to Be a Tomboy

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Breaking Dawn star Ashley Greene has revealed that she used to be a tomboy. The fashionable actress was not always all glam, and she’s talking about her transformation in the new issue of In Style Magazine.

“I was always trying to be likeAshley Greene 2009 my older brother. I [eventually] got really self-conscious because I had older friends. I thought they were prettier, and they were going through all these life experiences before I was,” she reveals.

Naturally Greene grew out of her tomboy years, and she is showing the world that she is now a fashionista. Many female celebrities grew up dressing like a tomboy, but it’s usually just an age thing. Older male siblings leave impressions on their little sisters, and Ashley isn’t the only one who has experienced this.

Even though she always looks super glamorous, she also says that she’s quick to get ready. “I love having my hair and makeup done, but IÂ’m really just a 15-minute girl, throwing everything on with no fuss.” If the girl can look that good in 15 minutes? More power to her!

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