Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum Praise Fans’ Generosity

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Ashley Hebert and fiancé J.P. Rosenbaum took the time Sunday to tweet thanks to all their fans for coming out and donating to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Charity for cancer research (Fighting Cancer One Cup at a Time). 46 NYC is the parent group that backs several important charities, but the Bachelorette pair have put most of their time into the Lemonade Stand section, at Market Gate, Central Park.

“Thank you all for coming to the lemonade stand today,” Ashley Hebert tweets. “We appreciate the kind words, smiles, and generous donations! xo love you all!” Sounds as if she put in some genuine hands-on time. Drawing out their fans to contribute is a clear role celebs have when it comes to charity work. And fans respond in kind. Imagine standing at a counter, taking money or pouring out actual lemonade next to Ashley Hebert—fans might even fight for the chance.

J.P. has been right there with Ashley: “Great day today @ the lemonade stand!” he tweets. “Thx everyone for coming out to support the cause. The fans are incredible!!”

That’s the truth. Fans really are incredible. And thanks, Ashley Hebert and J.P., for leading them in the right direction.

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