Ashley Hebert and Molly Mesnick Make Get Together Plans

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Ashley Hebert and Molly Mesnick are both fan favorites from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Now these two are making plans to meet up and get together.

It started out tonight with some casual talking on Twitter, but then Molly Mesnick went on to tell Ashley about their plans to go to Las Vegas.

we’re doing Vegas in December! Come play!!!!!!

Ashley seemed to really like the idea of bringing fiancé JP Rosenbaum along for a trip to Sin City with Jason and Molly Mesnick.

Ok! Im going to try to make that work! Keep you posted!! :)

It is great to see everyone make such great friends from the show. These two couples are fan favorites for people who like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. A success story is always a good thing and they both have one for sure! Who is your favorite couple from the show? Share in the comments below.

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