Ashley Hebert Believes ‘Bachelorette’ Made Relationship with J.P. Rosenbaum “Stronger”

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Despite many claims that The Bachelorette cannot possibly bring about true love, Ashley Hebert has a different point of view. In fact, not only does she credit the show with her current successful relationship with J. P. Rosenbaum, but she has no regrets about being the most recent bachelorette!

“I’ve never even looked back for a second on my decision,” Hebert said in the most recent issue of People Magazine.

Considering all of the very public heartbreak and tears she suffered this season, most notably at the hands of ill-intentioned contestant Bentley Williams, that’s surprising to hear. It seems that all really is well that ends well.

Ashley Hebert also credits Rosenbaum with helping her to get past the damage that Bentley inflicted on her.


As for her future with the New York construction manager, Hebert seems hopeful.

“Our relationship really started after we left the show,” she says. “The show made us stronger than if we’d met on the outside.”

While it is great that their relationship has a strong foundation, doesn’t it seem strange that Ashley Hebert feels that their relationship didn’t really start until post-engagement? What do you think of the couple’s potential staying power?

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