Ashley Hebert Changes Up Her Hair Again

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Ashley Hebert is changing up her hair again and fans can’t wait for their chance to see it. Do you think it was time for a change again?

Awhile back, the star of “The Bachelorette” cut her hair into a cut similar to Cleopatra, but she has changed her hair again. Today she went to Twitter today to let fans know about her new hair do.

It’s amazing what a little extra hair can do for a girl!!! These extensions are the best!!! Thx !!

Ashley Hebert has added extensions to her hair. A lot of her fans liked her hair better when it was long so they will be happy about the chance.

She was asked by fans to share pictures, but didn’t do it yet. She promised them pics soon though.

I’ll post a pic tomorrow when I’m out with and tomorrow night!

It sounds like she has a fun night planned tomorrow and fans will get pictures of Ashley Hebert’s new hair. What do you think about her putting in extensions?

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