Ashley Hebert chooses Ben as next ‘Bachelor’

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Bachelorette-no-more Ashley Hebert thinks that Ben Flajnik (her throw-away) would make a great Bachelor. The newly engaged dentist-to-be says that Ben would be great taking the helm, and she would support the decision if the producers decided to go that way. However, Ash isn’t totally set on just Ben… there are some others who she thinks would be good.Bouquet de roses roses

“‘Ben would be really good – but so would Ryan and Ames,’ she said. ‘We’d watch any of those guys!’ J.P. Rosenbaum added” (via Ace Showbiz). It seems as though people really “like” Ben, Ames, and Ryan, but would they actually make good Bachelors? No way. They are all so very boring!

People have to remember that these shows aren’t just one episode of falling in love. Ben, Ames, and Ryan couldn’t really keep people interested for several weeks, could they? Also, you can’t forget the types of people who go on these shows… do you really think that throwing these quiet guys in to a room with caddy women is safe?

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