Ashley Hebert Flies with Her Hair Set

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Ashley Hebert is one Bachelorette who doesn’t mind getting a good amount of attention. She doesn’t even mind if that attention comes by way of slightly bending the rules regarding travel etiquette.

To be sure, in what looks like an image taken on an aircraft, this newly engaged beauty has her hair up in what looks like curlers. Not only that, but Ashley Hebert tweeted the shot and also commented on it as well.

JP Rosenbaum’s fiancé said on Twitter, “What do you guys think?? Pin curls in!l,” adding a link to her picture where her noggin is all done up.

An hour later on Wednesday, Ashley tweeted, “I actually only used Bobby pins for that! No curlers! :))”

So, while this reality show personality is on show no matter what she is doing, PDA with JP included, perhaps Hebert should put a cap on some of it. Like when she puts up her locks so that she can shake them out later to look lovely for her public once the plane lands.

What do you think? Do you believe Ashley Hebert broke the rules of etiquette by flying with her hair set? Or do you think this was just Ash having a bit of fun? Thoughts? Thanks.

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