Ashley Hebert, J.P. Rosenbaum Pregnancy Watch Starts Now?!

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Are Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum ready for kids? Talk about babies on the brain! Goodness, The Bachelorette couple barely have had time to live together and now fans want to know when Ashley and J.P. are going to have kids.

Let the Ashley Hebert baby bump watch begin… maybe.

In a recent interview, Ashley did talk about the responsibility of bringing a pet into the house. “It definitely shows you responsibility… How you have to put other people first, and schedule your day to get everything accomplished, both for you and your pet, or a significant other or a child.”

Did she really just compare having a dog to having a kid? Wow, she sure has a long way to go! One thing is for sure, Ashley and J.P. are interested in having children; they just want to take their time having them.

Leave it to the tabloids now to start watching Ashley Hebert like a hawk. It could be years before they have kids, but the rumors are sure to fly. People will only listen to the part that the couple wants kids and will ignore the part about “later” or “when the time is right.” Oh, well… fans still can’t wait for this happy couple to add a little Ashley or J.P. to their life!

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