Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum Wedding: Best Day Ever?!

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Ashley Hebert still hasn’t come down from her wedding day high. Nope, Bachelorette Ashley was still pretty happy a day after wedding JP Rosenbaum in an event that will air on television in two weeks.

So, just how happy is Ashley during her first full day of wedded bliss? Extremely. As a matter of fact, Ashley’s very first Twitter post after the wedding pretty much said it all. Ashley Hebert tweeted, “12/1/12 goes down in history as the best day of my life!!” Now isn’t that a beautiful sentiment?

Now, there haven’t been too many cast members of the popular Bachelor television series that actually get as far as getting married. The thing is, JP and Ashley seem to be as strong as ever. Clearly, this is a relationship that has worked, even under the scrutiny of reality television, paparazzi, gossip bloggers, and tabloid rumors. The only question is, will Ashley have to take this tweet back if she is blessed with giving birth to a baby?

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