Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum: Wedding Will Be A Dream For Loved Up Reality TV Stars!

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Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum will be walking down the aisle very soon! The loved up former Bachelorette contestant and her fiance have announced that they will finally be tying the knot in December!

According to numerous reports, Ashley and JP will be having a dream wedding complete with every extravagance a bride could want!

The wedding will be televised, ABC announced (via The Stir) and the pair will be sent on a lavish honeymoon afterwards.

It’s been a long time coming for Ashley and JP, who got engaged in August 2011 on The Bachelorette and waited over a year to tie the knot. Obviously, they’ve seen how other couples didn’t last and wanted to make sure they were perfect for each other before jumping the gun.

After all, everyone hates a Kim Kardashian style wedding, where the glitz and glamour is all there but the true love isn’t.

Ash and JP were probably the smarted couple to come off of the popular reality dating show. They didn’t jump into things too soon and gave themselves time to get settled and plan the perfect wedding.

It’s sure to be an affair worthy of crying over because it’s easy to see how in love the pair of lovebirds really are.

Are you excited for Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum? Do you think they’ll be one of the few reality TV couples to actually make marriage last?

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