Ashley Hebert Looks for Longer Eyelashes

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Ashley Hebert is looking for longer and healthier eyelashes. She is not afraid to ask fans for advice on this quest. Fans of “The Bachelorette” are not afraid to help her out.

Ashley Hebert went to Twitter tonight asking fans about a couple of products and their opinions on them.

Has anyone tried or ?!? Good results?!

Several fans responded to her right away telling her how much they love the product. Other fans let her know that she is gorgeous and doesn’t need any help at all. What do you think about Ashley Hebert’s eyelashes?

These conditioners help to make your lashes look longer and better. It is supposed to make them look healthier than they have ever looked before. These products were actually made for the wife of a doctor while she was going through chemo and her lashes did not look as good as she wanted them to from the treatments.

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