Ashley Hebert’s ex death compared to Emily Maynard’s fiance

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The new Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, has more in common with Emily Maynard than you think. As some of you may know, Ashley’s ex boyfriend died in September of 2010, just weeks before she began dating Brad Womack on The Bachelor. Now that she has her own season of the popular show, she’s talking about the loss, and people are comparing her to Emily Maynard (her fiancé was killed in a plane crash).
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“He was so very dear to my heart, and his passing took a toll on me. I still struggle with Joe’s passing, but it also made me realize life is so short,” she says.

It seems like Hebert is now trying to play the sympathy card with her story of loss. Since it worked out so well for Emily (in that people fell in love with her), it feels as though Ashley is trying to get those same emotions out of people. While she may not be doing it intentionally (who knows what the media digs up on these people), some are saying that she’s trying to be more like Emily so that people like her more. Since many were upset that she was chosen as the new Bachelorette, it’s easy to see where this conclusion comes from. Thoughts?

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