Ashley Salazar, “16 and Pregnant” Star Haunted by Adoption Decision

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Ashley Salazar, star of “16 and Pregnant” says she is haunted by her decision to give her baby up for adoption. She claims she will never be 100 percent sure she made the right choice.

According to RadarOnline, Ashley Salazar, star of MTV’s hit reality show “16 and Pregnant” gave her baby girl Callie up for adoption to her own aunt and uncle. It’s been a year now, and the young woman says she is haunted by her decision.

“I don’t think I will ever be 100 percent confident in my decision,” Ashley Salazar tells RadarOnline.

“I suffer every day for it. Some days, I am right back to square one, feeling like I did in the hospital, confused, depressed, and uncertain,” she adds.

Salazar does admit that she finds comfort in knowing that her baby girl is well cared for and has everything she could ever need or want, but that doesn’t always ease the pain she feels.

When asked if she wished she had opted to keep her baby instead of giving her up for adoption, “16 and Pregnant” star Ashley Salazar is still wrought with conflicting emotions. She is torn between the realization that she probably would have felt happier, but definitely would have been enduring a lot more stress dealing with the issues of raising a baby as a teenager.

Ashley Salazar may have given her baby girl the most generous and unselfish gift she could receive. To be raised in a loving family where stress and strife are minimal will undoubtedly help baby Callie grow up well adjusted and happy. However Ashley Salazar most definitely is paying the price and maybe will for the rest of her life.

Of course Salazar’s situation is different from many other teenagers who give their babies up for adoption. Having given the child to family members likely makes things more emotionally painful for the birth mother. She will constantly be reminded that the little girl being raised as her cousin is in all actuality her daughter instead. Perhaps an adoption with a couple not related to the family would have been less painful for Ashley Salazar.

Kudos to Ashley Salazar for her difficult decision she made out of love for her daughter. May everyone in this situation find peace and joy in the life they all helped to nurture.




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