Ashley Salazar: Heading to Jail?

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Ashley Salazar is the latest 16 & Pregnant star to have a brush with the law. Luckily, it’s nothing too serious. Salazar, who is also the author of Bittersweet Blessing, is a wanted woman after failing to submit her driver’s education course.

Earlier tonight, Salazar tweeted, “I can’t believe this. I totally have a warrant out for my arrest right now. That is so stupid. LOL. it’s for a dumb traffic ticket.” Hopefully, Salazar can take care of the issue quickly and not catch any points! At least she isn’t facing any jail time. She may have to pay a fine, but it could surely be a lot worse.

Salazar continued, “They told me that I had 2 weeks after the due date to turn in my driver’s education course as long as it is finished by the due date. I hate a totally rude person I talked to today too. UGH.” As everyone knows, dealing with customer service is never any fun — especially when you did something wrong!

Ashley Salazar is one of the more responsible young mommies to be featured on the show, so no need to worry. She’ll nip this in the bud as soon as she can get through to those darn customer service people!

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