Ashton Kutcher: A Smart Technology Investor

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Do you wonder what else actors do besides entertain? Ashton Kutcher is an interesting guy. One thing that he enjoys doing is investing in tech startups.

Not all of his investments have been wildly successful. No one who invests is ever able to come up with all winners all the time. If you had a crystal ball or were psychic, maybe you could pick all successful companies; and if you could do that, you would be über rich like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Who knows maybe Ashton aspires to be in their league.

Thumbnail for version as of 17:56, 11 November 2008One of his successful investments was in Skype. Recently Skype sold to Microsoft for 8.5 billion. It’s not known exactly how much Ashton’s share of the pie was on that particular deal. He, understandably didn’t want to divulge that information. According to a New York Times article, Ashton’s investments have included “Foursquare, the mobile social network; Path, a photo-sharing application; and Flipboard, a news-reading app for the iPad.”

You really cannot judge actors by the roles they play in the movies. Ashton Kutcher seems to be misunderstood when it comes to his investment savvy. After all, if you’ve watched any of his movies, there are some in which he plays a not so with it or goofy kind of a dude. He’s definitely funny.

Now when you see Ashton in the movies you can think of him in an entirely different way. It’ll make you appreciate his acting all the more.

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